Business Lunches

  vegan   |   Gluten free


included in the price

  • Rustic bread with eggplant mousse and tahini
  • chopped liver

    toasted bread, pearl onions in vinegar and pickled cornichons

  • eggs salad, toasted bread, cherry tomatoes
  • Frassa

    Leek Fritters with Fetta and Parmigiano

  •  Beef Carpaccio +10

    with Parmigiano chips

  • Onion / Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

    with tender Blue Cheese

  • fries / rice / salad/ potato puree

79 NIS

  • Hamburger, 220 gr

    (minced on the spot) Toppings: Cheddar cheese -10, Fried onion -8, Fried egg (sunny side up) - 8, Mixed Mushrooms - 9. Hamburger, 110 gr - 20n.i.s.

  • Vegan Burger (Soy & Mushrooms)

    Toppings: Cheddar cheese-10, Fried onion-8, ried egg (sunny side up)-8, mixed Mushrooms -9

  •  Chicken breast in a marinade of herbs

    mustard, lemon juice and olive oil, green beans in olive oil and rosemary

  • Schnitzels

    (Served with optional one extra)

  • Chicken livers

    in a crust of dry spices, fried onion and potato puree (piquant)

  • Fish and Chips

    Cod fish

  • Pappardelle in olive oil, peas & chicken breast / peas & artichoke
  • Fetuccine in tomatoes, mixed Mushrooms & chicken breast / zucchini & mixed Mushrooms

129 NIS

  • Sea Bream fillet

    with Asian vegetables, ginger, chili, soy, red curry sauce (on the side)

  • Shrimps in butter and white wine

    cherry tomatoes and garlic confit, piquant fish stock.

  • Baked whole european sea bass + 20

    with herbs and grilled vegetables

  • Grilled Entrecote, 300 gr. + 35

    with green beans in olive oil and rosemary


  • Soft drink included
  • 330ml draft beer / glass of wine +20


  • Tow hot drinks on the house with any dessert order


Served until 18:00

  • Israeli Breakfast 61 ₪

    with Hot or Cold Beverage

  • Shakshuka 68/ 61 ₪

    with Salad ( Margues Sausages Optional)