"Urbano" is a bar-restaurant with a real Jaffa feel, located in the heart of Jaffa, right on the border of the Old Town, between Clock Square and the flea market. The bar is set in an impressive stone building with an original desing, inducing a unique atmosphere to the place. At "urbano" you will enjoy a contemporary and vibrant vibe, in paralley with professional and courteous service, kep always at eye level. At night, and sometimes during the day, there are live preformances by young Israeli artists displaying their original meterials, as well as concerts with some lively ethnic colors.


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meat, fish, sea food, vegan dishes, salads, pasta, hamburger, BREAKFAST

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Recommended Dishes

  • Grilled Entrecote (300 gr)
    Grilled Entrecote (300 gr)

    with green beans in olive oil and rosemary

  • Shrimps in butter and white wine
    Shrimps in butter and white wine

    cherry tomatoes and garlic confit, piquant fish stock

  • Meagre Tartare
    Meagre Tartare

    avocado, green onion, a touch of chili

  • Tom Yum Soup
    Tom Yum Soup

    calamari, cod fish fillet . shrimps and Asian vegetables

  • Sea Bream fillet
    Sea Bream fillet

    with Asian vegetables, ginger, chili, soy, red curry sauce (on the side)

  • Our Excellent Burger
    Our Excellent Burger
  •  hand made deserts
    hand made deserts
  • Rich vegan Salad
    Rich vegan Salad

    boiled cauliflower and black lentils and dill (optional) in green herbs sauce with lemon, leek and rocket

  • Fetuccine in tomatoes and basil, chicken breast
    Fetuccine in tomatoes and basil, chicken breast

    mixed mushrooms and Parmigiano

  • Israeli "Market Salad"
    Israeli "Market Salad"

    assorted vegetables and lemon juice with fetta cheese / tahini